Initial Consultation   FREE

Consultation can take place over the telephone or by email. It is simply to allow us to discuss your needs in detail and how hypnotherapy can help. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions, gain a better understanding of hypnotherapy and decide if it would be suitable for you. You would be under no obligation to book any subsequent sessions.

Smoking Cessation  - 1 session

During this single 2 hour session we will discuss in detail your particular habit and behaviour. The actual hypnotherapy session will follow and will be tailored to your particular needs according to the previous detailed discussion.

The majority of clients do stop smoking after one session. A small percentage may need a follow-up session a few weeks or months later. This session is always free of charge. All clients can be assured of continued support and encouragement either by telephone or by email.

All other treatments 

The first session is 90 minutes long and will include a detailed case history. Please be assured that all information will be held in complete confidence.

Subsequent sessions will be approximately 40-50 minutes long and one week or two weeks apart.  The number of sessions may vary but an approximation would be around 3 or 4 sessions for most treatments. This can be discussed in the initial consultation.

Deep Relaxation Session

A 40 minute session for deep relaxation to help deal with daily stress.

Stop Smoking is £100

All other treatments are £50 per session
Deep Relaxation is £35 per session
Payment is accepted in cash or by bank transfer at the end of each session.